Surface Baits

  • Crafty catcher

    Crafty Catchers Strawberry Floaters

    Crafty Floaters, enriched with the attractive flavour of Strawberry. Our unique manufacturing process ensures perfectly prepared floating mixers infused with powerful oily attractants that leak into the surface film and pull fish into the baited area...

  • Dynamite Baits

    Dynamite Baits Big Fish Floating Durable Hookers

    Surface hookbaits to match the Big Fish Floating Pellets in three flavours.. Available in three flavours to match floating pellets – Krill, Sweet Tiger and white (bread imitation) 11-12mm size approx. High leakage and high attractant to lure...

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  • Dynamite Baits

    Dynamite Baits Big Fish Floating Feed Pellets

    Floating flavoured expander pellets designed to get carp feeding off the top when carp fishing on the surface. 1.2kg bags available in three flavours – Krill, Sweet Tiger and Fishmeal (original) Perfect feed and hookbait pellets for floater...