• Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTS 130 Squash Racket


    Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTS 130 Squash Racket

    Features : 36% reduced aerodynamic drag. Greater racket head speed for more power and spin. 18% reduced shock on ball impact. Greater comfort, feel and control. MoS2 grommets provide 27% less string friction and 40% increased abrasion resistance...

    Was: £120.00
    Now: £65.00
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  • Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium 4.0 Sqaush Racket


    Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium 4.0 Sqaush Racket

    Experience power like never before This open-throat design provides out and out power thanks to the 14x18 Powermax string pattern. Weights may vary slightly due to production. POWER-8.5 CONTROL-7.5 Length - 68.6cm/27in Balance-Extra head...

    Was: £100.00
    Now: £55.00
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  • Karakal CSX Junior


    Karakal CSX Junior

    The Karakal CSX is a junior length squash racket. Hi Tec 7050 Alloy180 gms Frame Weight600mm Junior LengthNew Muscle FrameTwo Piece ConstructionMidplus Head3/4 Racket Cover

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  • Karakal F-135


    Karakal F-135

    The Karakal F-135ff has a Looped Power Throat for longer strings and an increased sweet spot. The Racket is strung with the New Hot Zone String which is wrapped around the recessed throat keeping them in position. This style of fan string pattern will...

    Was: £110.00
    Now: £88.00
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  • Karakal Raw 110


    Karakal Raw 110

    The Karakal Raw 110 is manufactured using Nano Titanium Gel and has a 110gm frame weight. The Raw 110 squash racket is finished simply with a clear gloss but no paintwork to keep the weight to a minimum. It comes with a straight 14/18 string pattern and...

    Was: £80.00
    Now: £64.00
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  • Karakal Raw 120


    Karakal Raw 120

    The Karakal Raw 120 is manufactured using Nano Graphite/Titanium and weighs 120gms. The Karakal Raw 120 squash racket will allow the improving and occasional player to benefit from a lighter weight racket without it costing the earth. Nano...

    Was: £60.00
    Now: £48.00
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  • Karakal Raw 130


    Karakal Raw 130

    The Karakal Raw 130 squash rackets is the perfect choice for improving or occasional players. This racket has 100% graphite construction with long strings and open throat. The frame weight is 130grams with a balance point of 360mm. The perfect choice...

    Was: £55.00
    Now: £44.00
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  • Karakal T-130


    Karakal T-130

    The Karakal T-130ff has been updated for this season with our New Hot Zone 120 String in blue, translucent blue grommets set and blue grip. The frame of this racket is 10 grams heavier than the T-120ff but due to the lower balance point will feel...

    Was: £99.99
    Now: £79.99
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  • Technifibre Suprem SB Blast


    Technifibre Suprem SB Blast

    Head Size: 77.5in2 (500cm2)Frame Weight: 160g (5.65oz)Balance: 340mm (head heavy)Beam: 20mmLength: 27" (686mm)Strung with 305 Green 1.25mm stringString Pattern: 14x18Construction: GraphiteGrip: Squash Dry Grip Black3/4 cover included

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    Now: £40.00
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