Greys prodigy Advanced Rig Board

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The Prodigy Rig Board is a revolutionary concept in hook length storage. It provides you with a far more durable anchoring system, comprising special colour coded Tension Pegs that lock hook lengths (or rigs) exactly where you want them. Double hook retaining bars at either end, combined with soft rubber line protection channels, allow more versatile storage of short, medium or long rigs. This board has the ability to house considerably more rigs, which reduces the amount of gear you need to carry. Two unique side drawers set in its body are ideal for storing essential small items, while the board is also modular, fitting perfectly into custom recesses in Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base boxes. Supplied with a neat clip together protective cover. 
  • Double hook retaining bars at either end
  • Soft rubber line protection channels
  • Two side drawers for storing essential small items
  • Designed to fit custom recess in the Prodigy Tackle base
  • Supplied with clip together protective cover.